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Maximum number of Web Services in an AS.


How many Web Services can be created in an AS?


StruxureWare Building Operation version 1.3.


Only one thread is used for all Web Services created in the AS so the communication is very simple.

If two Web Service objects is created in the AS with for example 10 values in each Web Service and a poll rate of 1 minute (which is default) the AS will read the 10 values from Web Service1 and then read the 10 values from Web Service2 if that takes 20 seconds it will then wait 40 seconds until one minute have passed, then read the values from Web Service1 again.


Note: The recommended number of Web Service interfaces in an Automation Server XML elements at a polling rate of 60 seconds is 2.

There is no limitation on how many Web Services you can create in an AS but if you have too many the values from the Web Services will not be updated with the poll rate you have chosen.

If creating 20 Web Services and it takes longer time than the poll rate to go thru all the values in the 20 Web Services it is not a problem but the values will not be updated every minute.

So the longer poll rate you chose the more Web Services it is possible to have in the AS and it of course also depends on how many values which is read from every Web Service and how fast the web service is to deliver the values. 

For additional web services limitations, see Lessons Learned Article #12649.

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