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Memory Usage on a 7793 Controller.


User upgraded their systems to I/NET Seven from I/NET 2000 rev X.XX and noticed that their databases cannot be downloaded to the controller anymore.


I/NET Seven upgraded from I/NET 2000


If dial is not being used at this site, then the controller should be set up as a 779301.


To check how the controller is configured:

  1. Use an HHC (Hand Held Console)
  2. Plug it into the port
  3. Press CODE 90
  4. Enter.

If it is set up for a 779301, the bytes available after the bin file is downloaded are 140439 and for a 779306 the bytes available are 95639. The reason for this difference is that the memory is allocated for the Messages Queue.

If for some reason the database does not get downloaded then the problem lies in the database itself where there could be a lot of Trended Data that needs to be discarded or Archived to create more room.

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