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Menta Advanced Memory Usage: BPR Size Calculator


In Menta, under Options > Memory Usage > Advanced, there is a BPR size calculator.  What is a Network Neighbourhood (BPR file) and what does this calculation mean?


  • Menta
  • Xenta programmable controllers
  • Xenta 280, 281, 282, 283, 300, 301, 302, 401, 401:B


The total amount of memory consumed in a programmable controller includes

  • Application
  • Application Files
  • Parameters
  • Work Area
  • Number of Objects
  • FBD (COD file)
  • OP Menu Tree (BIN file)
  • National Character Set (CHR file)
  • Network Neighbourhood (BPR or Blueprint file)
  • Trend Log Definitions (XLG file)


The BPR is the blueprint file. It contains: 

  1. The network name
  2. All groups names
  3. The Xenta's own group's members' names
  4. The Xenta's own I/O modules' info

This is unique for every Xenta. This file is created by Vista and included with the Menta images last just before download of the Xenta. So this file is not saved anywhere as a separate file. It does consume memory inside the Xenta controller, however, so the BPR calculator is included to approximate how much room might be required to store the network descriptions for this Xenta. Where memory is close to filling the controller, it can provide more accurate estimates of which applications will fit into the controller.

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