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Menta Crashes in Simulation Mode.


Menta Crashes in Simulation Mode.


  • Menta
  • Vista


Improper use of Menta objects can cause Menta to crash in Simulation mode. It is possible to cut a HFDI from inside a HFB and paste it onto the root level of the Menta drawing.


If a Menta Object is used in a manner that is not normal, such as a HFDI (Hierarchical Function block Digital Input) used outside of a HFB (Hierarchical Function Block), Menta may crash when entering Simulation Mode (hotkey=F12). The best way to troubleshoot this type of issue is to systematically delete portions of the Menta file then try to enter simulation mode. If you successfully can enter simulation mode, the deleted piece was causing the crash. You can typically narrow the cause down to the object causing the issue.

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