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Merging Sigma Lookup tables


There are no tools or utilitiies available for merging Sigma lookup files




Copy Lookup tables


Need to import two sites lookup files into one


If you have two or more sites that you are merging into one.
One way to achieve a single site is to: -
Open the lookup tables for site 2.
Using the copy button, copy the required table's data.
Open a text editor (notepad ETC) and paste the data in for use later.
Repeat for all lookup tables for site 2, 3, 4, 5 ETC

Open what will become the final site's lookup table (site 1)
Create a new table.
You can copy the lookup table information from the text editor and paste into the newly created lookup table.

(take care to copy from a vacant line below the last line of the notepad text otherwise the last line of entries will not import, also do not copy a blank line above the text or the top field will contain corrupt information).

Make sure there is a carriage return sitting below the last line of data to be copied or the last line of data could be missed off when pasting into lookup table.

Repeat for all tables until the new lookup table file is complete with all required lookup tables.

If any of the lookup tables to be merged have conflicting numbering and require a new lookup table number, it is important that all points associated with the original lookup table number, need to be edited and the new lookup table number referenced in the point.


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