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Merging of Sigma Index Files.


Merging of Sigma Index Files.


Sigma - all releases.


Advice to merging the index from 2 sites into 1 site on a Sigma system.


The following is required:

SigmaX where the two site indexes to be merged are managed from.

The main site index (index.rec & index.bin) and controllers.

The new site index (index.rec & index.bin) and controllers.

The controller numbers must not be duplicated.

It will be good practice to always keep a backup copy of both site indexes.

Before starting the merge itself, use SigmaX to perform a   Doctor Error check on both site indexes. Both sites must be clear of "A" errors before proceeding any further. It may be necessary and is also good practice to record that both sites are error free, therefore save or print the doctor reports.

1. In SigmaX >   Sigma Utilities > Merge Index Files - there are default directory names, create and use these directories (or if you prefer create your own directories).

2. Place the main site index files into the Master Index directory, place the new site into the Secondary Index directory.

3. Click "Merge Index"

4. Copy the newly created index (index.rec & index.bin) from the output file directory and place in the c:\sigma\data directory.

5. Copy the new site controllers and main site controllers into the c:\sigma\data directory.

6. Perform a visual check on the index structure and check that it is what you expected to see.

7. Perform a  Doctor Error check for "A" errors on the final index. It should be error free. Save or print the error report.

8. In SigmaX >   BasConv in "start release" highlight Sigma 2, in "end release" highlight Sigma 4, check the "index file" box and click the "convert" button. The IndexEx.rec file is now created.

Note: this article only deals with merging the index files into one site. Controller operating files, route sets, access classes, graphics etc also need to be dealt with when combining 2 sites into 1.

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