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Microsoft Database size Limitations and Continuum


Microsoft Database size Limitations and Continuum


Continuum Site


There are limitations to the size that a Continuum database can be. The limitations are Microsoft's limitations. Basically if you use their limited sized databases, these are good for smaller sites. Most of these smaller sites usually don't have extended logs or a heavy volume of access and alarm events either.


Microsoft Database size Limitations and Continuum

On large scale sites that have a lot of extended logging, heavy access traffic, alarms and do not want to monitor the size of the databases, it is suggested to go with a enterprise SQLversion.

Microsoft DB Size Limitations

  • MSDE version (SQL 2000) 2 Gig Limit - See Lessons Learned Article #2577 for more information (Cyberstation SU versions 1.81 and earlier)
  • Enterprise version (SQL 2000) No Limit
  • SQL 2005 Express 4 Gig Limit  (Cyberstation SU versions 1.82 to 1.94)
  • SQL 2012 Express 10Gig limit  (Cyberstation SU version 2.0)

Exchange Server 2003 before SP2

  • SQL 2005 Standard Edition 18 Gig Limit
  • SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition 8 Terabyte Limit

Server 2003

  • SQL 2005 Enterprise Edition 8 Terabyte Limit

Research your operating system and determine the size limitations for your particular installation. There are other limitations when using limited versions of the SQL Databases like Standard addition. For instance limited number of processors, limited amount of memory used for allocation pool.

Note: Do not use 2 database applications on a Stand Alone installation with Cyberstation being one of the applications. 2 SQL versions or 2 database instances has not been tested with a Stand Alone and is unsupported. This scenario can cause Cyberstation performance issues as well as application crashes.

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