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Miscellaneous fixes in Workplace Tech 5.5 and 1.4 controller firmware.


Miscellaneous fixes in Workplace Tech 5.5 and 1.4 controller firmware.


  • Workplace Tech 5.5
  • 1.4 controller firmware


Require detail on what miscellaneous fixes in Workplace Tech 5.5 and 1.4 controller firmware.


Visio 2003 generates an error and crashes when attempting to save a Visio drawing outside of the WPT environment. 

In WPT, the existing application tab in the add application to project dialog area is unable to open and add an existing application drawing.

The MNB-1000 will reset in response to a read or write request for the profile_name property or background BACnet object.

Cannot read/write background BACnet AO, Floating Actuator or PWM object in MNB-1000.

AppLED stops updating in the MNB-1000.

Sometimes an unsupported property response when reading BI object name in the MNB-1000.

Power up delay object did not work correctly in the MNB-1000.

Single and sequence loops incorrectly calculate output.  This issue was found when single and sequence loops were set up with large throttling ranges and had a small positive deviation from setpoint. During these conditions, the output of the loop would intermittently go to 100% output and then return to normal operation. This issue applied to MNB-1000, MNB-300 and MNB-Vx controllers.

Interstage delay fails after power cycle causing outputs to come on after controller power cycle of MNB-1000.  Dual delay object may be in incorrect state after controller power cycle of MNB-1000.  There was an issue found where the Dual Delay had a 50/50 chance of coming up in the correct state after a power cycle. 

Control object RAM not initialized correctly after a download of an application.

Floating Actuator object may oscillate at 22.22 and 66.77% output. This issue was reported in MNB-1000, MNB-300 and MNB-Vx.

BACnet flow balance values except BoxFlow can sometimes show error. 

COV increment property of the VAV Actuator object does not take effect.

Using the MN-Sx sensor to change temperature calibration does not work when temp calibration is set to NA from WPT or a BACnet tool and can lock up S-Link communications for MNB-300 and MNB-Vx controllers

Overridden and Out_Of_Service flags for PWM and momentary SS objects not previously supported in MNB-300 and MNB-Vx controllers.

COV increment property not previously supported for BI count output of MNB-300 and MNB-Vx controllers.

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