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Mobile Apps for SmartStruxure


Mobile Apps for SmartStruxure


SmartStruxure site with desire to use smartphone


What are the mobile apps available to use with SmartStruxure sites?

Explanation of MyExchange Mobile Sales App and the Technician Tool Mobile App

Issues with Licensing, use with other iBMS products, and product datasheets.
Using app on iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone
Using Mobile App on Android devices such as Nexus, HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Acer, Motorola


There are two different Apps available:

1. MyExchange Mobile Sales Application - The primary function of MyExchange is to provide sales teams with the ability to share marketing and technical content in a simple and easy way - via a tablet or mobile phone - either on or offline.

Available today, MyExchange provides sales teams with the ability to make sales meetings more productive before, during and after a customer meeting.
It offers direct access to managed content for:
• SmartStruxure Solution
• SmartStruxure Lite
• Room Controllers
• Services
• Segments & Solutions
• Sensors
• Valves and Actuators

For both Android (Android tablet and phablet) and iOS, look for the Mobile Application Sales info from Exchange.

2. Technician Tool Mobile Application is available for both iOS(iPhone/iPad) and Android for day-to-day operation of StruxureWare Building Operation software. Technician Tool can connect to a SmartStruxure Solution (Automation Servers and Enterprise Servers), and provides easy access to the system from anywhere in the world. Technician Tool offers building maintenance personnel a convenient way to access and browse their SmartStruxure solution system to get real-time or historical trend data, change setpoints, force input and output values, see and acknowledge alarms and edit time schedules. 

1. The Technician Tool Mobile App is only compatible with a SmartStruxure solution and connects directly to an Automation Server or Enterprise Server
2. Use of the Mobile App requires an add on site license for a maximum total number of concurrent users. 

Mobile App Product Announcement, Guides, Specification Sheets and more can be found on Exchange Read the full Product Announcement ( PA-00408) on The Exchange.


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