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Modbus IP X Driver supported data formats


When using the Modbus TCP/IP XDriver will the data type used by a 3rd party system be supported.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Modbus TCP X-Driver


Not every possible format of data is included in the Modbus IP X Driver.


The following data formats are supported in version ModbusTCPIP_2ndGen200018.xdr:

  1. Unsigned Integer 16 bit
  2. Signed Integer 16 bit
  3. Reverse Floating Point 32 bit
  4. Floating point 32 bit
  5. Long Integer Unsigned 32 bit
  6. Long Integer Unsigned Swapped 32 bit

If the products used have a different data format then this would require a new development of the X Driver, please see Will Continuum communicate with a third party system? for contact details.

Also ensure that the X Driver point type created (Numeric, Input, Output) is supported by the function code used. Check out the X Driver manual for the list of point types supported by each function code. For example Function code 3 can be used with Numerics and Outputs, but not Inputs.

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