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Modbus TCP Device (Slave) address greater than 247


Modbus TCP Device (Slave) address greater than 247


Modbus TCP Network Gateway


Modbus TCP Device (Slave) address 248 is reserved and cannot be used. (Modbus TCP Network or Gateway)

SmartStruxure supports up to address 247, as the StruxureWare Building Operation - Technical Reference Guide

(up to v1.6.1)


There was however a defect within v1.5.0 and earlier that caused address 250 to be used if the Device address is set to "Invalid"

This defect was corrected in v1.6.1

Address 255 is used as the Default address

From v1.9 it is possible to define addresses for Modbus TCP devices from 1-247 and 249-255. Device addresses 0 and 248 are reserved.

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