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Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU configuration in an Xenta Server.


Modbus TCP/IP Server is not an option when programming a Modbus Gateway in an Xenta Server.


Xenta 913

Xenta 7xx



There are only 3 Modbus Interface configurations for Modbus in an Xenta Server.

Modbus RTU

  • Client ("Master"), Modbus serial line master on a network
  • Server ("Slave"), Modbus serial line slave on a network

Modbus TCP

  • Client ("Master"), Modbus TCP client to a server or router on a network

Modbus TCP Server is not possible.


Modbus TCP/IP can only be configured to be a Client (Master) in an Xenta Server. A solution if TCP Server is absolutely necessary would be to use an IP to 485 converter, such as an EGX100, and use the RTU interface.

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