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Modbus integration to Data Industrial Series 3050 BTU monitor


Modbus integration to Data Industrial Series 3050 BTU monitor


I/A Series G3 ENC-520 Modbus Asynchronous (Async) driver


Required to read the values in the BTU monitor via Modbus Async.


The below Modbus registers table is provided by the BTU monitor manufacturer.

Here are the basic procedures and settings in an ENC for this integration.

  1. Add a ModbusAsyncNetwork to the station database.
  2. In the ModbusAsyncNetwork properties, configure the Serial Port Config.
    Port Name: COMX (where X is the COM port number of the ENC used for this integration).
    Baud Rate: As per baud rate setting in the Modbus device. We recommend the baud rate of 9600 as this appears to work best with this device.
    Data Bits: 8
    Stop Bits: 1
    Parity: None
    Flow Control Mode: No
  3. Other properties of the ModbusAsyncNetwork to be left at its default values.
  4. Add a new Modbus Async Device to the ModbusAsyncNetwork. The device address is as per address set in the BTU monitor device.
  5. Leave all properties in the Modbus Async Device object as their default values.
  6. Go to the Points folder of the Modbus Async Device and add the required Modbus objects. Configure the properties of each object as per the following.
    Address Format: Decimal
    Address: Refer to the table above. If reading register 30002, use 2 as the address.
    Reg Type: Input
    Data Type: Long
  7. Set the Facets for the object
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