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Modbus write command setup and timing


Modbus write command setup and timing


Modbus AS ES


The Modbus value keeps being sent to a Modbus register (when write code 06 or 16 used)


Control of the write timing is via the binding to the modbus point within the modbus network.
If the Communication type is set to "Periodic" then the value will be sent based on the Period Communication Interval.
If the Communication Type is set to Change of Value then the value will only be written when the value changes by this amount.
The Retransmit Interval should also be considered, as the register will also be written to based on this timing value, regardless as to whether it has changed or not. This value may need to be increased if the value should not be retransmitted apart from when the value changes.

Up to v1.3


v1.4 and later


Some Modbus devices get over these sort of issues by having a mode that can be set so that retransmission of the same value is ignored, as the example below

Block (Batch, Multiple) Writes are not supported (correct as 2018/8/06 and up to v2.0.1) Athough they are used to right to 32, 48 & 64 bit Register types

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