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Monitoring Xenta 121 digital outputs in LonMaker


An easy way to monitor K and V digital output states of a Xenta 121 in LonMaker for troubleshooting purposes.


  • Xenta 121
  • Vista
  • Lonmaker


Uncertain of the output state on a Xenta 121. There are SNVT outputs to represent different functions of the Xenta 121, but they do not always represent the final RAW DO Status.


Monitoring the SNVT nvoRawDOStatus to tell what state the output is in. nvoRawDOStatus is displayed as a 16 bit binary value. Each output will be represented by a bit. Bit 0 is the least significant/leftmost bit, and bit 15 is the most significant/rightmost bit.

K1-K4 are displayed 1 for closed relay, 0 for open relay,

  • Bit 0=K1
  • Bit 1=K2
  • Bit 2=K3
  • Bit 3=K4

V1-V4 are displayed 1 for on, 0 for off.

  • Bit 4=V1
  • Bit 5=V2
  • Bit 6=V3
  • Bit 7=V4

X1-X3 are displayed 1 for shorted to ground. 0 for open.

  • Bit 8=X1
  • Bit 9=X2
  • Bit 10=X3

U1 value is 0 not configured as digital input, 1 configured for digital input.

  • Bit 11=U1

  1. In Lonmaker right click on the Xenta 121 device
  2. Select Browse
  3. Navigate to nvoRawDOStatus
  4. Select Ctrl+M to monitor the nvo
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