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Moving Personnel objects from various folders into one folder


What is the procedure for moving personnel objects from the root or folder into a different folder.




For various reasons sometimes it becomes necessary to move personnel objects that have been created in different folders or at the root to one folder that will contain all personnel objects.


Because CyberStation applications refer to the personnel objects in the database by id and not by path personnel objects can be safely moved using the procedure below.

NOTE: Do not move area objects or rename their container folders if you are using the Personnel Information Manager (PIM) as doing do will break the functionality of personnel profiles used by the PIM application.

  1. Make a backup of the ContinuumDB as a precaution.
  2. Put CyberStation in offline edit mode.
  3. Click on the folder that contains the personnel objects that will be moved.
  4.  On the right pane, click one of the objects then using the ‘Edit’ pull down menu select ALL the objects. (or select only the ones you wish to move)
  5. Right click on the selected objects then drag and drop them on the destination folder.
  6. On the context menu that comes up select ‘Move here’ (DO NOT COPY).
  7. After the move operation is complete return CyberStation to online edit mode.
  8. If using the Personnel Manager you may need to change the path where new personnel objects are created by default.
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