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Moving Xenta devices in a Lonworks network and their Xenta group relationship


When you drag and drop and Xenta programmable controller in to a new folder it remains in the existing Xenta group.


SmartStruxure 1.5


The drag and drop feature is not designed to make new Xenta Group bindings. The controller will be moved but remain in the existing Xenta Group membership.


Two options exist to move a controller into a different Xenta Group

  1.  Make a new Xenta Group, save the existing Menta application out of the database and then delete the device.  Add a new folder then add the Xenta device into that folder and select the previously saved Menta file.  A new Xenta Group will now be created .
  2.  Select the controller you wish to move, using right mouse click, select Copy. In the new location use the right mouse click Paste Special command.  When finished delete the original controller.
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