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Multi Purpose Manager Daylight Savings Time for Australia


Daylight savings do not take effect when it starts on 4th October


Multi Purpose Manager 2.15 and 2.16. 


Australia starts DST in October and ends in April of the following year. In North America and Europe, DST starts In March and ends in October or November in the same year.
The built in DST feature in the MPM assumes that the "DST_Start_month" must be before the "DST_End_Month". 

This issue will also applies to countries where the start of DST is towards the end of the year and DST ends the following year. 


This issue has been reported to R&D. The following workaround can be used before this issue is fixed in a future MPM firmware. 

1. Configure DST in the MPM to start in April and set DST to end in October.

2. Set the DST offset to -1 hour using the following Lua script in the MPM (add a Lua object and enter the following code)

        if not init then
           ME.CFG1_Time_Dst_Offset.value = -3600
           init = 1
if not init then
ME.CFG1_Time_Dst_Offset.value = -3600
init = 1
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