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Navigating to a TAC Vista TGML Graphic from a SmartStruxure TGML Graphic through TAC Vista Webstation


  • The TGML page is dynamic but look static


  • Vista
  • Struxureware
  • Interface


In the ReleaseNote you can read the following on page 30

It’s possible to navigate to a TAC Vista Webstation TGML Graphic through a link in a
SmartStruxure TGML Graphic. To achieve this connection a link object is created in the
SmartStruxure TGML Graphic which is linked to a SmartStruxure hyperlink object that
holds the TAC Vista Webstation TGML Graphic page address.

Example of a hyperlink objects address in SmartStruxure that is linked to a TGML Graphic in TAC Vista:

Note: This will always require a login by a valid TAC Vista user, even if the TAC Vista
Webstation auto login feature has been activated.


The example link above is reffering to a static page so for example if the TGML page is dynamic you will see the following in the link you copy ( see bold )


You can also read the following in the releasenote.

In order to determine the TAC Vista Webstation URL for a TAC Vista Webstation TGML
Graphic the following TAC Vista Web Setting configuration must be in place:
Optimized TGML Loading is deactivated

•Folders pane is set to Standard HTML
With these settings it is possible to right-click a TGML object in the folders pane and
select “Copy Shortcut”. This will copy the TAC Vista Webstation URL to the clipboard and
it can then be pasted into a SmartStruxure hyperlink object address field. After the

shortcut has been pasted, it will have to be modified in order for the TAC Vista TGML
Graphic to be displayed properly in SmartStruxure. The modification is marked with bold
in the example below:

•Copied: HTTP://ip_address/webstation/TgmlGraphicsPage.aspx?objectId=3074949137
•Modified: HTTP://ip_address/webstation/TgmlGraphicsPage.aspx?objectId=3074949137

If the link you copied was a dymanic TGML the link will look as This HTTP://ip_address/webstation/TgmldynamicGraphicsPage.aspx?objectId=3074949137

and should be modified as this


Also look at Benjamins fantastic tool for link generation here:

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