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Need to correct invalid IP address or subnet mask entered into an ENC or JACE


During initial setup, the incorrect ethernet IP address or subnet mask was entered. Now when rebooting the ENC/JACE, I cannot reconnect to it using the I/A Series G3 Workbench. How can the incorrect information be corrected?


ENC-520-x, ENC-410-x, JACE-600, JACE-600E, JACE-7


Network connectivity cannot be established if the IP address or subnet mask was entered incorrectly. Likewise, if an invalid subnet mask is entered, the ENC/JACE may not boot completely (or at all).


The following information is provided in more detail in the section "About JACE serial shell mode" subsection of the "JACE NiagaraAX Install and Startup Guide", provided with the G3 software. This document is provided with and installed with the I/A Series (Niagara) G3 software. This document can be displayed by selecting "Doc - JACE Startup" from the documentation index.

Required hardware:

  • Serial Cable
  • Terminal Emulator software on computer (such as "Hyperterminal" or "Putty")


  1. Configure the Terminal Emulator.  ENC-410 and ENC-520 at 57600 baud, 8 bits, one stop bit, no parity, hardware flow control.  JACE-6xx and JACE-7xx at 115200 baud, 8 bits, one stop bit, no parity, no flow control. 
  2. Jumper the upper two pins of the Console "MODE" connector,  located in the upper right corner of the ENC410 and 520 circuit board (See photo at right).  JACE-6xx and JACE-7xx remove cover and configure serial mode select jumper as labeled.
  3. For ENC-410 and ENC-520, connect the terminal emulator via a UNCC-405 serial cable to port COM1 on the ENC and power-cycle the ENC.  For JACE-6xx and JACE-7xx, connect the terminal emulator via a standard DB-9 null modem cable to port COM1 on the JACE and power-cycle the JACE.
  4. Wait for the ENC/JACE to complete its bootup process (do not break out of the boot process).
  5. At the login prompt, enter the platform user name and at the password prompt, enter the platform password.  The JACE System Shell menu will then be displayed.
  6. Select option 2 to display and, if needed, update the ENC/JACE's network settings.
  7. The network parameters will be displayed, one at a time.  To change a value type in the corrected value and press the key.  To keep an existing value, just press the key.
  8. When all parameters have been displayed, a confirmation screen will be displayed.  Press to save the changes. 
  9. When the information has been saved to the ENC/JACE a prompt will be displayed. press the key to continue.
  10. Press 7 to reboot the ENC then press to confirm the reboot request..
  11. Disconnect the serial cable and remove the jumper installed in step 2.
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