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Neuron ID has been lost from Vista System Plug-In


When re-entering the Neuron ID of a controller, an  error appears indicating that this Neuron ID already in use.


Vista 4.4.2


If the System Plug-In fails at the time a Xenta controller is being worked on sometimes a default controller is created using the Neuron ID of the controller you were working on.


  1. In the Network management tool look for a device that has a name that does not make sense or follow the site naming convention.
  2. When you find this device check the neuron ID to ensure this is the device that has been assigned the Neuron ID of the Xenta device you were working on.
  3. When this is confirmed delete this device from the LNS network.
  4. Then refresh the LNS side of the System Plug-in and assign the Neuron ID to the Xenta controller you were working on at the time of the crash.
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