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New Door attribute 'Valid Attempt' added in Cyberstation 2.0


In versions of Cyberstation prior to 2.0 there was no way to determine if a valid attempt had been processed by the access engine in the controller before granting access to the door. This limitation made it impossible to implement custom access control sequences such as 'Two-Man Rule'  or 'Man Trap'  sequence unless the door was configured WITHOUT a door switch.

Not having a door switch configured in the door made the implementation awkward as well as less secure, since the status of the door (Closed/Open) could not be determined.

Product Line

Andover Continuum



ACX57xx controller

CX9680 controller


Door 'Valid Attempt' flag not available before has been added to Continuum in Cyberstation 2.0, ACX57xx 1.100042 and CX9680 2.100042

Both the new version of Cyberstation as well as the new version of the controller firmware are required to get the new functionality.


In order to improve the physical access control functionality in Continuum a new flag has been added to the door object.

The name of the new flag is 'ValidAttempt'

The value of 'ValidAttempt' is set to true when the access engine has processed a credential presented at the door (card or card & PIN) and has determined the credential can be granted access to the door.

The value of the 'ValidAttempt' flag is reset to false after one scan.

HOW IS 'ValidAttempt' DIFFERENT FROM 'ValidAccess'?

When a door is configured with a door switch 'ValidAttempt' is set to true immediately after the access engine validates the credentials, determines that they are valid and  grants access by unlocking the door, the 'ValidAccess' flag will remain FALSE until the person gains access by opening the door as detected via the door switch.

Click HERE to see a sample program demonstrating the use of the new 'Valid Attempt' functionality.

In this example a bank has specified that access to the bank's vault must follow these rules:

  1. Not one is to be allowed alone in the vault.
  2. Access to the vault is by two people at a time, no more than two people are allowed in the vault.
  3. Vault's door must be configured with door switch in order to alarm on forced entry as well as door ajar.
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