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New UNC-520 will not save a changed IP address.


The IP address can be entered into a UNC-520 using the Admin Tool but after rebooting or power cycling the device, the IP address is reset back to the factory default.


I/A Series (Niagara) R2 UNC-520-2(-N) with serial number greater than 36183 


The newer UNC hardware manages stored OS configuration data in a different manner than the older UNC-520 devices.  Because of this change, the factory default operating system has the capability to read, but not permanently change the device IP address.


You must use the Admin Tool Installation Wizard to install the r2.301.527 (or newer) version of the OS and NRE (system software) before you can save any new Ethernet address information to the UNC.

Follow the procedure in the UNC-520 installation manual (F-27391) section "Upgrade, License and Configure the Host" to install the OS and NRE system software.  Click here to see the referenced page of the manual.

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