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New card Assignment


Adding a new card to a User



Windows Server 2012 and Above


Adding a card to a user


To resolve this, the following steps needs to be followed:

1. Search for the user, either the using the Global Search or Specific Search

2. Open the user record and click on the Cards Tab

3. Select Assign card from the options

4. Assign the Card Number (Must be unique otherwise an error will occur)

5. If the expiration date is specified here, then it will override the Badge Expiration date if there is a Badge TYpe (keep in mind)

6. Save and close

7. To test, Click on Live Monitoring from the Main Screen and set the Priority to 0 (to see all activity)

8. Simulate a card read with the card number by Right clicking on the Door then selecting Simulated Card Read

9. Select the Card Format, Enter the card number and click on Send

10. An Access Granted Message would be displayed in the Event Window, inidcating that the card is now valid and can be read at the readers

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