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New priority level of an alarm object does not take place


Changing alarm priority level in Workstation or Menta does not work even after a download.


  • Xenta 280/300/401 controllers under Xenta Servers
  • Vista Version before 5.1.8 (5.1.8 is included)


This issue only happens if having a free programmable controller (Xenta 280/300/401) under a Xenta Server (Xenta 5/7/913).

When updating the priority level information in Menta or Workstation, Xenta Server does not get updated which caused the old alarm information appears when the alarm is activated. 


This issue will be solved in the future release of TAC Vista. Currently, the work around is:

Method 1:

  1. Right click on the free programmable controller which contains the alarm object that needs to be changed, then choose “Edit” to open Menta editor.
  2. Double clicking on the alarm block that needs to be changed. Change the priority level to a desired value.
  3. Change the alarm object block name to a different name. -->force Xenta Server to notice a change in the Menta.
  4. Save the Menta file and do a “commission and download” of the related controller in Workstation.
  5. Right click on the corresponding Xenta Server and do a download in Xbuilder.

Method 2:

  1. Right click on the corresponding Xenta Server and select “Edit” to open Xbuilder.
  2. Find the alarm object under Lonworks Network in the Network panel and select it.
  3. In the Property panel, change the priority level to the desired value.

NOTE: Though Method 2 may be a faster way to change the priority level, it will cause Xbuilder object does not match the Menta file which is not recommended.

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