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Niagara G3: Import existing ENC PxViews into an ENS


Does Niagara G3 provide a way of importing existing ENC PxViews into an ENS? 


Niagara G3 version 3.5 or later


Importing existing ENC PxViews into an ENS is a time saving process.


Niagara G3 does provide a way of importing existing ENC PxViews into the ENS with the use of exportTags, specifically PxViewTags.

  1. Open the exportTags in the Palette
  2. Drag and drop the SupervisorExportTagNetworkExt to the NiagaraNetwork of the ENS (server).
  3. Drag and drop the SubordinateExportTagNetworkExt to the NiagaraNetwork of the ENC.
  4. Enable the joinProfile in ENC:
    1. Expand the NiagaraNetwork of the ENC 
    2. Expand the ENS’ station.
    3. Double-click on the Join Profile and select Enable - Save.
  5. Setup the ENC’s PxViex File Structure:
    1. Expand Files Folder in the ENC and then expand joinProfile
    2. Expand ENS_profile.bog file and then expand niagaraStation
    3. Double-click the Points folder (The ENC’s PxViews will be setup here)
    4. Right-click in the ViewPane and select New Folder
      • You may want to give the folder the same name as the PxView being exported
      • The Folder structure should be the same PxViex folder structure as in the ENC’s PxView structure.
      • Add folder for each PxView to be exported to the ENS
    5. Right-click on ENS_profile.bog and Save.
  6. Placing PxViewTags in PxViews
    1. PxViewTags are placed in each PxView being exported to the ENS.
    2. From the Palette, open exportTags and expand the Extensions folder
    3. Drag and drop a PxViewTag into the ENC’s PxView folder to be exported
      • Configure each PxView’s Property sheet to point to the folders you created under Points in the ENS_profile.bog file.
      • Double-click on the PxViewTag to set its properties
      • For Supervisor Station, select ENS from the drop-down menu. - Save
      • For Station Slot Path, click on the folder to display the “Select Parent Target” window.
      • Expand NiagaraStation and then expand Points. 
      • Select the corresponding PxView Folder and click OK
      • For Px View, select the PxView to be displayed
      • Click Save to save changes.
    4. Repeat steps for each PxView being exported to the ENS
  7. Do a Join to export PxView to ENS
  8. Once the above is setup a join can be performed.  A join can be accomplished in two ways.
    1. Join #1
      • Expand the NiagaraNetwork of the ENC
      • Right-click on SubordinateExportTagNetworkExt, select Actions and then Join
    2. Join #2
      • Expand the NiagaraNetwork of the ENC and expand the ENS station
      • Right-click on Join Profile, select Actions and then Join

If everything was configured correctly, messages stating that both the Supervisor and Subordinate joins were successful will be displayed. If all goes well, then the ENC’s PxViews should appear in the Point folder of ENC under the ENS’ NiagaraNetwork.


There were no provisions for importing the nav file during development of the exportTags. The file structure will also change once the ENC station.bog file is loaded on the Supervisor.

For more detailed information on PxViewTags reference the NiagaraAX Export Tags Technical Document. This document is located in docs folder of the Niagara build root directory.

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