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Niagara R2 Error: "Cannot open web server socket. [] Address already in use: JVM_Bind"


Getting the following error message when attempting to open a Niagara R2 Enterprise Server station:

ERROR: Cannot open web server socket. [] Address already in use: JVM_Bind
at Method)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver$TcpSocketFactory.createServerSocket(
at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver.createServer(
at Source)


Niagara R2 Enterprise Server all version


Windows IIS is enabled on Enterprise Server PC. IIS and WorkPlace Pro (station database) have a conflict issue related to Port 80. By default, IIS connects and utilizes Port 80 when installed and running. This directly conflicts with an Enterprise Server’s station database running on the PC which also uses Port 80 by default.


Most times, users do not require IIS on the Enterprise Server or WorkPlace Pro PC so IIS is disabled. If IIS is required, users typically change the port used by the station's database to another port (e.g. 8080, etc.). If this change is made, all other settings that access this IP for the station (address table entries, web browser pages, etc.) must append the port number to the IP address (e.g.

Disable the IIS if not required by some other application on the Enterprise Server PC.

  1. Select Start and open the Control Panel
  2. Double-click add remove program
  3. Click on “Add/Remove Windows Components on left side on screen
  4. Scroll down and deselect Internet Information Services in the Components window
  5. Click next and Finish

The Enterprise Server station can now be opened.

Note:  On Windows 7 host computer, the World Wide Publishing Service may be linked to IIS.  Go to 'Services' in Windows 7 and modify its startup to 'Manual' so that it doesn't start automatically. 

If IIS is needed on the Enterprise Server PC, then change the port used by the Enterprise Server.

  1. Open WorkPlace Pro Admin Tool and stop the Enterprise Server
  2. Open the Enterprise Server offline
  3. Right-click on the Enterprise Server station and open its Properties sheet
  4. Click on the Config tab
  5. Change httpPort to the desired port number and click Apply
  6. Right-click on the Enterprise Server and Save
  7. Close the Enterprise Server station
  8. Open Admin Tool and start the Enterprise Server station 

Once the station starts you should now be able to access it. Please note that the port number must now be included in the station's address when accessing the Enterprise Server.

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