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Niagara R2 Modbus RTU integration with an Eaton Series 2000 Xpert Power Meter


Notes from the field  on a Niagara R2 Modbus  RTU integration with an Eaton Series 2000 Xpert Power Meter.


I/A Series UNC licensed for the modbus asynch feature

Eaton Series 2000 Xpert Power Meter


The 3rd party document is vague about  Modbus register-map differences between the IP and RTU protocols.


1. In order to obtain the Modbus RTU RS-485 map, you must look under the Eaton IQ-250/260 meter. The RS-485 map is NOT located anywhere under the Series 2000 meter.

2. There is also a utility in the "help" button when connecting to the embedded setup & monitoring software on the Eaton Power Meter.

The Modbus map can be uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet, however, it is important to note that this map is the TCP/IP Modbus register map, not the RS-485 map. This can be accessed via a standard internet browser utilizing an Ethernet cable connection to the meter. The default IP address is

3. The standard 5 digit Modbus register can be calculated form Eaton's Decimal register number by adding 40000 to the register number listed on their map For example, (register # 1000) (40000 + 1000 = 41000) for the Volts Phase A - Neutral value.


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