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Niagara R2 Transition Tool list of R2 Functionality that transitions and does not transition


Niagara R2 Transition Tool list of R2 Functionality that transitions and does not transition


Niagara R2

StruxureWare Building Operation


Quick Reference


From page 15 of the R2 Transition Tool Guide (F-27835):

 TAC I/A Series R2 Functionality That is Transitioned

Certain functionality is transitioned to Building Operation:

  1. Common control functions
  2. BACnet/IP network
  3. BACnet MS/TP networks 1 and 2
  4. BACnet MS/TP networks 3 and 4 as routed networks
  5. BACnet device objects
  6. BACnet shadow objects
  7. Container and object tree structure
  8. LonWorks Service
  9. LonWorks networks
  10. LonWorks device objects
  11. V2.x Standard MNL LON devices
  12. V3.x Standard MNL LON devices
  13. V4.x Standard MNL LON devices and associated application files
  14. MNL-800 LON devices and associated application files
  15. R2 Local LON Device SNVTs
  16. Many type conversion, LON multiplexer and demultiplexer objects
  17. IbsASDNetwork Service
  18. ASD network
  19. ASD Device objects


TAC I/A Series R2 Functionality Not Transitioned

Not all UNC functionality can be transitioned to Building Operation. This functionality is listed in the Objects report.

Functionality that is not transitioned includes:

  1. BACnet Ethernet network
  2. User accounts
  3. Address book
  4. Security
  5. Trigger mechanisms
  6. TRIPL program object runtime
  7. Object bundling
  8. Command objects
  9. Right-click commands
  10. Communications other than BACnet, ASD, or LonWorks
  11. Configurable routers and repeaters
  12. LON manufacturer specific control and conversion objects
  13. External LON Network Management Tool support
  14. UNC physical points (UNC-410 NDIO)
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