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No Messages Received in AMT from specific Link or Site


No Messages Received in AMT from specific Link or Site


I/NET Seven

Xenta 527-NPR

Xenta 527 Web Server



There are many causes outlined in Lessons Learned 4585 which show reason why AMT may not be receiving data. In some cases the issues is not due to programmatic issues but network Errors.

I/NET uses UDP port 50069 to broadcast data from NPRs and Xenta 527s to any listening host device. While this does give the flexibility to have multiple hosts receive the same packet, it prevents the proof of delivery that a TCP packet provides.

You can read more about UDP at this link.


 To prove a network error, use the following methods:

  • Verify everything listed in Lessons Learned 4585
  • If feasibly, repeat those steps above direct connected to the Xenta 527 via crossover cable. Ensure Window Firewall is disabled on the local PC when performing this task.
  • Once you have a PC that will receive Messages while direct connected, re-connect the 527 to the network and use the same PC to connect to try to 527 over the network. If AMT works or fails based on being on or off of the network, then this is a networking issue.

The PC, Domain Server, or Internet Service provider are all capable of blocking I/NET communication. This can be done by either blocking traffic going out of the PC(s) to the NPR/527(s), or it can block traffic from the NPR/527(s) to the PC. On a PC Windows Firewall these are referred to as outbound rule and inbound rule respectively. 

Please note the following conditions when certain parts of the network traffic are blocked.


Traffic Blocked on traffic from NPR to PC Traffic Blocked on Traffic from PC to NPR Both Blocked

You can connect to controllers in I/NET, values will update and you can control points


You cannot connect to controllers in I/NET, values will not update and you cannot control points

You cannot connect to controllers in I/NET, values will not update and you cannot control points

AMT does not receive data from the blocked Link or Site AMT does not receive data AMT does not receive data


To Correct a PC Windows Firewall Issue:

  1. You will be able to prove a windows firewall issue by turning off the PC firewall for a few minutes and testing AMT. If traffic resumes, this is the cause.
  2. Open Windows Control Panel
  3. If needed, change "View By" from Category to Small Icons
  4. Click on Windows Firewall
  5. Select Advanced Settings
  6. Click on Inbound Rules
  7. Click on New Rule in the Actions Pane
  8. Select Program and click Next
  9. Browse to the InetIoSrv.exe application on your PC. Click Next
  10. Select the Action to Allow the connection and click Next
  11. Set the Rule to apply to all locations. Click Next
  12. Name the Program and Click Finish.
  13. AMT Should begin to receive data. If not, repeat step 1 to verify this is a PC firewall issue and contact Product Support for additional assistance.

If the data is being blocked by the network and not the PC Firewall:

  1. Contact your network administrator and explain that the Xenta 527 or NPR 2000 must be able to broadcast UDP data on UDP port 50069. This path must be open on every hop between the device and the PC.
  2. Verify that both the PC and device are on the same Windows Domain. Typically, UDP traffic will not travel outside of the Domain.
  3. If you are unable to get network blocked removed, you may be forced to put all I/NET devices and PC's on a single subnet.
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