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Node or XDriver Upgrade of BCX Inf (9640) to BCX BACnet (4040) or reverse


When upgrading a BCX Inf to BCX BACnet or vice versa , the BCX could lose any node count or X Drivers added using a post shipment factory *.upd cookies.

The settings return if the controller is flashed back to the original model type.


Continuum 1.xx 2.xx




Node Count, X Driver, X-Driver


This is because the cookie upgrade to add the node count (or other features) will be sent out for the format it is intended for, i.e. if the controller was BACnet then the file will be sent as BACnet, and if the controller was Infinet then the cookie will be Infinet


New controllers shipped from the factory can be flashed either way between a 4040 and 9640 and it will not affect the settings for Node count, X Drivers or other options.

If a controller was to lose additional setting when it is convert from BACNet to Infinet or vice verser, there is a need to re-apply for the cookie upgrade file for the new model type. (it would of originally been ordered as additional options for the controller)

To re-apply for the cookie, contact your local repairs department with the controller details i.e serial number, controller type, etc, this will enable them to find your order and reissue the upgrade in the version it has been changed to.

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