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Nodes not showing up under subsystem view in System plug-in with NL220


Nodes not showing up under subsystem view in System plug-in with NL220. However, in NL220 under subsystem tree, everything shows up fine.


NL220, system plug-in


This can occur if the default root subsystem "Locations" was deleted. The "Locations" root subsystem must be linked to the geography of the site. Therefore, deleting it may cause the lost of the link.

You can change the "Locations" root subsystem’s name to something else. However, we do not suggest deleting and adding a root subsystem back.


Before doing anything, please make a back up of your LNS database.

  1. Create a new root subsystem. (Right click on the Project object and select the option “New root subsystem”). When asked for the name, type "Locations".
  2. Copy all nodes under all subsystems and paste them into the "Locations" root subsystem you just created.
  3. Delete all the subsystems outside of the “Locations” root subsystem.
  4. Go to "Edit" tab, choose "define location subsystems"
  5. Select "Locations" root subsystem.
  6. Click on "location subsystem" button on the right.
  7. Click on "Yes"
  8. Refresh the tree.

Go to the System Plug-in, you should be able to view all nodes under subsystem view. Now, you can go back to NL220 and change the root subsystem name to anything you want.

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