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Notification Class alarms cannot be found in EVENT.EVENTHISTORY


Notification Class 150 (or any Notification Class) alarms cannot be found in EVENT.EVENTHISTORY


I/A Series R2


Notification Class 150 was not added to the Enterprise Server station and UNC station's NotificationService containers. As such, objects configured for alarming at notification class 150 will not have its alarms archived to Enterprise Server.


  1. Add a new Notification Class to the UNC station's NotificationService container.
  2. In the Notification Class properties, go to the Config tab and set the notificationClass to 150*.
  3. Copy this Notification Class and paste it into the Enterprise Server station's NotificationService container. Configure the notificationClass to 150* (the notificationClass setting does not remain when you copy and paste the Notification Class object).

* This resolution does not apply just to Notification Class number 150. It applies to any Notification Class with a similar problem.

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