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OGC graphic does not load when opened in Vista Webstation inside StruxureWare Webstation


When opening an OGC graphic using Vista Webstation as a window inside StruxureWare Webstation, the OGC graphic shows "Loading..." with a small cross in the upper left corner, and the graphic never loads.



TAC Vista Webstation

StruxureWare Building Operation Webstation

Microsoft Internet Explorer


The authentication in the communication between the browser and Vista Webstation is based on sessions and cookies. Due to a security setting on some sites, the initial cookie can not be set in the browser, and the authentication between the OGC graphic page showed in the browser and the web server therefore fails.

If the graphic is opened in full screen (see below) or in a new window it will load, and subsequently all OGC graphics will work until the browser is restarted.

Button to open the graphic in full screen


On each PC that needs to access the OGC graphics using StruxureWare Webstation do the following:

1. Open Internet Explorer settings by clicking the gear in the upper right corner

2. Click "Privacy" and then "Sites"

3. Write the address of Vista Webstation (e.g. http://ip_address/webstation), click "Allow" and "OK"

4. Restart Internet Explorer


Note: This solution also applies to following issue; After clicking  a Vista Webstation url (direct link to a TGML graphic) in SBO Webstation from a Windows Server 2012 PC using Internet Explorer 11, Vista Webstation is expanding to fill the entire screen (it doesn't stay in the right hand window of SBO Webstation)

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