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Objects have become edit locked and can not be unlocked


Objects have become edit locked and can not be unlocked
Property unlock, CTRL-U and "Object editlock=false" do not unlock the object.
The Plain English Integrated Development Environment may crash


SQL Server Database


The hard disk on the SQL server has no more space
Stand Alone database may have reached its limit


Once the hard disk on the SQL server PC is too full, Continuum can no longer write to the SQL database, thus object can become editlocked.

Space on the hard disk needs to be released, it is likely that old backups have filled the hard disk up.
Backups should be moved to a different hard disk

If a Stand Alone install, MSDE (SQL2000) has a 2GB limit (up to v1.81), SQL2005Express has a 4GB limit (v1.82 and after)

- The database may go to Status "In recovery" until space is made on the hard disk, this may also cause CyberStations to loose contact with the database.
- It may note be posible to edit or create new objects when in this mode (database or harddisk ful)

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