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Objects that do not appear when a graphic is viewed from SmartStruxure Workstation appear in when the same graphic when viewed from the AS via Web browser.


Graphics appear fine when viewed from Workstation, but when a web browser is used to view the AS, dark lines appear across portions of the graphic.

Some objects with transparent backgrounds (fill set to "None") may appear with a grey background when viewed through a web browser.


  • AS
  • TGML Graphics
  • Internet Explorer


Webstation is less forgiving of some improper configuration settings than StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation.

Objects attributes must follow proper syntax for Fill, Stroke, or Visibility.


  1. Open the graphic page in the TGML viewer
  2. Change lines, borders, and fills to some other value (black, for example)
  3. Change the attribute back to the desired setting (Visibility = Hidden or Fill = None)
  4. Save the graphic
  5. The improperly formatted attributes should be overwritten with the correct syntax and the graphic appears as desired in both environments.
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