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Obtaining the TreeTech software and licensing it for a customer.


The software is no longer distributed on a CD.  Customer wants to install and license the software on his computer.


TreeTech 3.1

Network 8000 GCMs

DMS panels




Download the software "TreeTech-3.1.exe" on The Exchange Download Center.

Install the software by running the downloaded program file and following the displayed prompts.

Run the "Purchase WIBs" program from the computer desktop.  This icon and program will be automatically installed on the computer if it does not already exist.
Click the [Purchase] button to start the program.
Fill out the Field Office and Customer Information parts of the form.  Make sure to fill in your purchase order number in the indicated field. The installer should also fill in his email address for emailed return of the installation codes.
From the "Package List" section of the form, select the TR-TECH software and required drivers, selecting each from the list and clicking the [Add to Order] button.

To request the license for the base TreeTech software, select TR-TECH.
To request a license for using serial communications between TreeTech and Network-8000 GCMs or DMS panels, select IOS-SRL.
To request a license for using Ethernet communications between TreeTech and Network-8000 GCM-86xxx series panels, select IOS-NW8-ETH.
To request a license for using Ethernet communications between TreeTech and DMS-3500 panels, select IOS-DMS-ETH.

 NOTE: At least one communications driver must be selected.

After completing the form, click the [Accept Order] button and save the order form to a text file.  Click the [Done] button to save the requested license options to the computer and click the [Done] button on the WIB Purchase screen to exit the program.

Email the saved license form to  The requested unlock codes will be emailed to the address specified on the form after the order has been entered and processed.  Allow two business days for processing.  While waiting for the unlock codes, the software can be used with the automatically installed demo mode license.  The demo mode license is valid for 30 days from the time the first WIB software product is installed on the computer.

When the purchased license unlock codes have been received, they must be installed using the [Unlock] function of the "Purchase WIBs" program. 

After opening the program and  clicking the [Unlock] button, select one of the requested license products, enter the corresponding unlock code and click [Generate License].  This process licenses the software onto the computer and removes the product from the displayed list.  Repeat this process for each additional product license shown on the screen.  Each provided unlock code will be used only once.

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