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On a Cyberstation (Workstation) , alarm does not show up on Active Alarm View when alarm comes in. The new alarm shows up in Active Alarm View only after the Cyberstation is rebo...


Alarms cannot be sent to recipient Cyberstation ( Workstation) when controller has lost the link to the Cyberstation in regard to the alarmed point in Import/Export table.



NetController (CX99xx, CX96xx)


Import/Export table in the NetController does not have the link to the workstation for the alarmed point.


  1. Backup current DB.
  2. Shutdown Continuum from all the Cyberstations.
  3. Execute ImpExpFixupUtil.exe from Continuum install folder (C:\Program Files\Continuum).
  4. Reload all the NetController with the "Do not reload attached objects" option.
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