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Opening Video Monitor without an alarm


At times there is a need to see video monitor without triggering an alarm



Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


Video Monitor is triggered by an alarm


There is a work around solution to this issue that is provided as is without any additional support. By default, Video Monitor is launched by triggering an alarm.

Work around:

1. Use TAC.VideoLaunch.exe arguments being the objectidhi and objectidlo.

It can be launched from the Continuum shell or a graphic. The following example is from a button on a graphic.

2. Locate the objectidhi and objectidlo by right clicking on the door or point and select properties (This can be copied and pasted)

3. In the case of a graphic, paste the objectidhi and objectidlo into the text field.

4. Save the button and run the graphic. 

5. Click on the button and video will be launched, but not playback an event. You will be able to search on video by time and see live video for 2 cameras.

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