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Opening an I/A Series G3 station 'offline'


Opening an I/A Series G3 station 'offline'


I/A Series G3 WorkBench (all versions)


There is a need to configure / program an I/A Series G3 station without the station running.


The procedures are as follows:

  • In Workbench, expand 'My Host:'.
  • Navigate to 'My File System' > 'Sys Home' > 'stations'.
  • Look for the name of the station you want to edit offline and expand it.
  • Find 'config.bog'. Expand this and you will be able to configure / program the station offline. 

Below is a screen shot showing an example for accessing the demo station offline.

After making changes to the station, make sure you save your changes by right-clicking on 'config.bog' and selecting 'Save'. If you do not do this, you will not see the changes the next time you run the station and open it online.

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