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Ordering stand alone non-communicating Xenta controllers


The Xenta 282, Xenta 301, and Xenta 302 (non-/N/P) controllers can not be found to purchase.


  • Vista
  • Xenta


These non-communicating Xenta controllers have been discontinued but have been replaced with a couple of new non-communicating controllers.


As a consequence of the termination of these non-communicating products, the products listed below are available in all countries that had access to the terminated bundles. These versions of the Xenta 301 and Xenta 302 are intended for stand alone applications. They cannot communicate with TAC Vista or other programmable (non-SNVT) TAC Xenta controllers. It is possible to field upgrade them to regular TAC Xenta 301/302 controllers by ordering part number 000872981, Upgrade TAC Xenta 300 V3 to /N/P. This part number will provide a new .MOT file that can be downloaded to the controller. Instructions on how to download an .MOT file into a Xenta programmable controller can be found in Lessons Learned Article #4007.

To view the original product announcement click here.

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