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Orion Stack Setup - Loytec NIC852 LNS Communications


Step by step instructions for installing and configuring a Loytec NIC852 dongle, also known as an Orion Stack.


  • Vista LNS Network
  • Echelon LonMaker


A single Vista server can handle communications to about four "average" sized LNS Networks. Very large networks or many LNS ports in a single server may result in a degradation of communication reliability. An Orion Stack changes the way Vista communicates with the LNS Server and allows up to 28 LNS Ports to be added.


NOTE: If LonWorks Interfaces was previously configured as your Network Interface you must delete the computers IP address from the IP-852 tab before you continue.

  1. Insert NIC852 Dongle into USB slot on Front-End computer.  This dongle must be plugged in at all times for the Orion Stack to work.
  2. Use the Loytec CD to install the necessary software to use the dongle such as hardware drivers and the LConfig interface
  3. Make sure that the latest drivers are installed for the NIC Interface.  The latest drivers can be found at:
  4. When properly installed, the Loytec symbol should appear on the bottom right corner of the Windows Toolbar.  
  5. Right-clicking on the symbol will allow you to easily access the LConfig interface.  Click on LConfig to configure the NIC852 (Orion Stack)
  6. Using the LConfig interface, navigate to the NIC852 tab and check the box next to enable the device.  The transceiver should most likely be set to IP-10L and the number of LNS Applications should be selected (aka, the number of LNS databases)
  7. Click CNIP configuration to set up the IP addresses for the Device (aka..The Front-End Computer IP address) and the Config. Server’s IP address. 
    * Don’t forget to enter the Device Name (aka Computer Name).  Click “Ok” twice and the device should be configured.  Test it before closing out.
  8. With the NIC852 configured, open Lonmaker and open the first drawing directory with “Show all network options dialogs” checked.
  9. When the Network opens, click ‘Next’ to configure the Network Interface.  Check the box next to ‘Network Attached’ and select the first NIC_852 entry.  Click next to let the network configure.  Go through the rest of the windows by clicking ‘Next”, save the drawing, and exit.
  10. The network interface for each LNS can also be chosen by going to Lonmaker > Network Properties in the Visio drawing and utilizing the Network Interface tab.
  11. Next, set the Communication Port for the TAC Network to look for a Loytec device.  To do, this open ‘TAC Vista System Plug-In’ which can be found at Lonmaker > System Plug-in > TAC Vista System Plug-In.  In this window, right-click the Network (top of the controller tree under the TAC Network) and click “Settings.”
  12. When the ‘TAC Network Settings’ window opens, under the Network tab select “Communication Port-Loytec” and click OK.  The TAC Network will have to be updated after this. 
  13. Repeat Steps 6-10 for each LNS database.  Remember to select a different Network Interface each time.
  14. After configuring the NIC for each LNS Database.  The Orion Stack should be properly setup. 
    Note:  It is a good idea to note that an Orion Stack is installed on the main graphics page for the site to keep other potential users informed, like remote support engineers.
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