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PCT Connection Issue Error: "Get System State Command: 'Could not connect' ", when trying to run PCT


This condition will arise after successfully installing and running PCT for some time. PCT can no longer initialize the virtual host adapter as a result of the adapter being deleted or removed.

The errors may be a result of but not limited to:

  1. Introducing a new VPN software package to your PC/Laptop.
  2. Manually removing or modifying the Virtual Box Host Only - Network Adapter.
  3. Malware or Antivirus platforms that have removed or disabled the adapter.



PCT Version - Local mode was set up on a physical laptop and used to offline engineer a project. The job was completed and PCT was not used again for roughly a month.

During this period the laptop was shared between three different service technicians across four different job sites. One of the job sites required the technician to install a 3rd party application needed to communicate with control equipment via IP. The service technician removed the "Virtual Box Host Only - Network Adapter" in an effort to get the 3rd party application to run and connect to the control equipment. He was successful and returned the laptop to its original owner in its current state. 

A new project was sold and required PCT for offline engineering. The laptop was booted up and PCT failed to open. The user was presented with the following errors:

  • "Get System State Command: 'Could not connect' "
  • "Get predefined properties command: 'Could not connect' "
  • "GetDashboardErrors Command: 'Could not connect' "
  • "Get System Memory info Command: 'Could not connect' "


Windows Client versions (64 Bit Only)

      Windows Server versions (64 Bit Only)

PCT  SERVER versions (64 Bit OS Only): 

  • SBO Project Configuration Tool - All versions


PCT can no longer initialize the virtual host adapter as a result of the Vbox adapter being deleted or removed.



Reinstall PCT on top of your current installation. Your projects will not be modified in the process.

1. Locate the installer.

2. Run the installer, it will ask you to remove the previous version. Press ok.

3. Progress will show as uninstalling.

4. PCT will prompt for installation. Click Next.

5. Select default installation paths. Click Next.

6. Select desired PCT mode. Click next.

7.Ready to Install selected mode. Click Next.

8. PCT software installed. Click Finish.

9. Now PCT will set up the Virtual Host Adapter. Press Ok.

10. Status bar.

11.Compted setup dialog. Click Ok.

12. Run PCT. If successful you will see the template sets getting installed via the top right of the window.

13. Open a project and test an AS/AS-P.


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