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PE Script Program bindings don't update.


Program bindings added to the watch window show NULL or old value compared to the value in the objects they are bound to.

Consider the program shown in the next screen...


The screen below shows the bindings...

The following screen shows that the source objects have a value other than NULL...

As you can see, only BINDtest1 has a non NULL value since the program is sitting at line 1 which has a reference to BINDtest1.

The next screen shot shows the bindings after program has ran thru all the program lines, notice that BINDtest5 is still NULL since it has never been referenced in the program's body.



Automation Server

Enterprise Server


AS of SBO 1.5 PE program bindings are only updated when they are referenced in the program body.

Program bindings that have not been referenced in the program body will have a value of NULL.

 Program bindings that were referenced in a previous line inside the program will not update to the latest value until the program goes to a line the references the binding again at which point its value will update.


Wait for the program to rotate thru a line that references the binding.

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