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PIR Passive Infrared Sensor, Motion Detector with I/NET


PIR Passive Infrared Sensor, Motion Detector with I/NET


Remote Arming Terminal(RAT) or OP5 site with PIR or Passive Infrared Sensor or Motion Detector


Site has an Intrusion Alarm System with OP5 arming terminal, the problem is that they want to disable messages from PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor detectors when the zones are disarmed. The goal is to only have alarms when zones are armed. One reason is that there are many PIR changes in the time when the building is occupied. They set the input of PIRs as an DA.


The best solution is to use an event sequence or sometimes referred to as an event definition. In other words there needs to be a relay which enables or disables the PIR. Some use the Shunt relay on the SCU(if the SCU is not double addressed) for this and it is on either one leg of the power or a contact on the PIR to enable-disable/arm-disarm the PIR.

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