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Passing Analog data between multiple I/A series UNC-520s with DMS panel.


Passing Analog data between multiple  I/A series UNC-520s with DMS panel.


I/A series UNC-520



Application note


  1. For each DMS panel receiving an Global (broadcast) Analog Value, create a dummy AP point (UC AP) , name it and then select AP type 07.
  2. At the UNC, learn the new point and select PVALU:WRITE, select "Add"  then "Create".
  3. In the workspace two object will appear, AO and DmsGenericAO. Insert an Math object and link the pOut to pIn of AO.
  4. See below.
  5. The Math Object is required to convert the AI from floatStatus to floatPrioity.
  6. Link (Math Object) sinA to the analog point in the DMS panel that will be broadcast to other panels that has this point.


Don’t forget for each UNC station, add each IP to the “AddressBook” set up for PEER


  1. For any MicroSmart controller, add a LP point and link it to the DMS. The DMS AP will be the input to linked MicroSmart LP point.
  2. Edit the Broadcast Channel  with the GLOBAL number for broadcasting

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