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Passing InfinityString object between Continuum controllers


InfinityProgram that sets the value of a local string object from the value of a remote string object frequently gets disabled.


  • CyberStation
  • CX9900
  • CX9702
  • CX9640
  • CX9680
  • ACX5720
  • ACX5740
  • i2 field devices


Passing string objects between controllers does not use the system's Import/Export system, strings are passed by point to point operation which can produce large amounts of traffic on the Infinet field bus. The program will disable if not properly written to account for events in the field bus that will knock controllers offline (i.e. field bus reconfigurations)


Care must be taken when writing the program to
1. Fetch the string value at a reasonable interval instead of in every scan
2. Keep the program from disabling due to communication errors, bus reconfigurations etc, typically an error line (ESmiley Happy is added to the problem to handle errors graciously.

If possible transfer the value via a numeric point so that the I/E system is used as opposed to point to point.

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