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Permission Settings in V3


Permissions on V3

Product Line

Access Expert


Managing Permission settings for Individual Groups.


Limiting the Permission for users in accessing certain objects within the system for better management.


Permissions can be configured for each user by following these steps:

  1. Open the API and connect to the respective instance with the relevant credentialsInstance Loggon.jpg
  2. Go to the General Configuration Tab
  3. Select the Groups IconGeneral Configuration.jpg
  4. If creating a new Group, click the Add Group Button
  5. If modifying, select one from the list and double click to open it upGroup Selection.jpg
  6. Click on Add Permission and select the Object Type Permission Type.jpg
  7. Select the various check boxes to Grant or Deny access Object Types Granted.jpg
  8. Once completed then click on the Save & Close button to close the Editor
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