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Personnel Distribution failures with message: Error text undefined (TBD) 0x00002001


When trying to distribute personnel to Netcontrollers, about half of them fail with the message:
Error text undefined (TBD) 0x00002001 under the Last Error column in the Access Distribution View.



Access Control


Access distributions are failing with the same error message in the access distribution view.


  • Make sure that there are no access controllers that are offline. If there are, and they cannot be brought back online right away, such as during a site renovation, set them to "Out of Service" until they are able to communicate.
  • If they are no longer to be used then delete them - as CyberStation may be trying to distribute to them.
  • This same error message came up on a different project. It was noted that the personnel that failed to distribute (with this error) had schedules attached to their assigned areas, and the schedules reside in the controller that gives the error. The problem was resolved by reloading all the access controllers one-by-one.  
  • Make sure if there are remote area schedules that network issues are not blocking the controller receiving the personnel distribution from getting to the remote controller that own the area schedule point. You can test this by creating test points in each controller and using a program to import the point, in some cases you will see that the program will give the same 0x00002001 error on compilation which indicates network issues. Work with IT to find out what is blocking comm between the two controllers.
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