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Pictures, animations and bitmaps in a Sigma graphic fail to appear when upgraded from Sigma 4.04 to Sigma 4.05 or above.


Pictures, animations and bitmaps in a Sigma graphic fail to appear when upgraded from Sigma 4.04 to Sigma 4.05 or above. 


Sigma 4.04

Sigma 4.05 or above


When Sigma graphics are upgraded, pictures, animations and bitmaps fail to appear.

The graphics will continue to work correctly in .sgi format, but when upgraded will fail in .swc format, when the scheme Commands are viewed, the link to the picture is not there, the viewer window will display will either be empty or may display something similar to the above example. 


Open the graphic in its .sgi format, highlight an image and right click on "Properties". Check that the link to the picture file is still active, the picture file will be highlighted with a grey background. If not, then the link has been lost to the picture file. When upgraded to .swc format, because the link is not there, then the picture will not be displayed. The picture will also not be created in the new file path c:\sigma\data\graphics\ during the upgrade process.

Reason, at some stage previous to the upgrade the link was lost. This may have been caused by the picture not being installed or not installed in the correct path as the original graphic was created, the graphic was opened and saved.

To correct, in .sgi format re-establish the link by locating the correct picture and save. Continue with the upgrade.


Post upgrade. In .swc format, manually copy the folders where the pictures resided from c:\sigma\data\sgi to c:\sigma\data\graphics. Open the .swc graphic and re-establish the link by locating the correct picture and save.

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